Monday, January 9, 2012

Start running

Running is the most effective exercise to stay fit. A thirty to forty five minute run, 3 to four times a week, can trim your waistline, strengthen your cardiovascular system and even facilitate positive mental perspective. Here are some reasons why you must begin running ...

More frequently you run, the fitter you are.

You do not 
have to invest heavily to start out running. Get yourself good shoes, track pants, shorts and tees, and you are ready to go.

 Simply make sure your posture is correct before
you run.

Running is not only good for your physical state, 
it's also mentally stimulating.

-Feeling stressed? Get out and run! Consultants say that running is 
nice for reducing stress levels. Once you run, it helps to clear your head and concentrate higher.
Research says that running is nice for your sex drive.

Running strengthens your heart and 
additionally reduces the resting heart rate.

Running helps you lose weight and tone your muscles.
 Got a hangover? Running 
may be a good way to recover andhelps to clear your head faster than simply sitting around nursing your headache.

 Running improves your concentration

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