Friday, January 27, 2012

Run for your life!

Run! No, we are not asking you run to the nearest mall for the best bargain offer. Run for a cause this time, and the let the cause be Life! 

Effective in curing many ailments, apparently running slows down the ageing process, helps fight diseases and psychological disorders and also to lose weight.

In fact, running also enhances the working of the respiratory system by pumping in more oxygen inside our lungs. "Running is one of the greatest ways for reducing stress and blood pressure," confirms Dr Ashok Ghosh.

If the above list of health benefits hasn't convinced you take up a regular running schedule, then maybe the psychological benefits may do the trick. Running, especially outdoor running is known to create a sense of euphoria or contentment in human beings. No prizes for guessing, therefore, that, doctors advise running to treat depression. Incidentally, running is also an effective way to release pent up anger and helps boost confidence among people. "Running elevates the mind and the soul and a calm mind is a tremendous confidence booster," explains Dr Nadkarni.

General physician, Dr Dilip Sengupta, also voices the same opinion, saying, "Running promotes a sense of well-being and has tremendous overall health benefits. Of course, the person should ensure a healthy dietary habit to get the maximum benefits.'

Well, running for your life, literally, should come easy now for everyone.

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