Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eat slowly, lose weight

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island found that eating faster increases the amount of food consumption. Results revealed that men eat significantly faster than ladies, heavier people eat faster than slimmer people, & refined grains are consumed faster than whole grains.
In laboratory study, Kathleen Melanson, URI associate professor of nutrition, & her team found that fast eaters consumed about six ounces of food per minute, medium-speed eaters consumed five ounces per minute, & slow eaters consumed two ounces per minute. At lunch, the men consumed about 80 calories per minute while the ladies consumed 52 calories per minute.

The second study, which examined the characteristics associated with eating rates, found a close association between eating rate & body mass index (BMI), with those individuals with a high BMI usually eating considerably faster than those with a low BMI.
"One theory they are pursuing is that fast eating may be related to greater energy needs, since men & heavier people have higher energy needs," .
While the link between eating rate & obesity is still being studied, her research has demonstrated that eating slowly leads to significantly fewer average calories being consumed.
The findings were introduced at the annual meeting of The Obesity Society in Orlando this month.

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