Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glowing skin with leftovers

You have a whole bunch of leftover fruits & veggies in your refrigerator? What will you do now?
Lemons, tomatoes, papaya, bananas, eggs are a few to name that top the list of leftovers in the fridge. Its time to cease fretting about wastage & the funds spent.
We tell you a few ways of using it wisely...
Lemons are excellent for hair. Wash your hair with lemons. It is excellent for oily & greasy hair. It's excellent nourishing properties like Vitamins B & A. This will take care of the dandruff & get rid of similar scalp issues.

Leftover bananas that changes colour to black are useful in making your skin glow. Overripe bananas are high in vitamin A, B & E, all of which benefit the skin.
Mash a banana & put it all over your face till it dies up & rinse off after 15-20 minutes.

Papayas are lovely cleansers. It's Enzyme Papain which removes blemishes & rejuvenates an undernourished skin. Mash papayas & mix some honey to make a pack which you can smear all over your hands, neck & face. Wash after 15-20 minutes for a blemish free skin.

Eggs works wonders for skin & hair. Mix egg white with mayo & honey to make a thick paste. This can be applied to your hair as well. Egg has pure protein which will make your hair strong & honey that will bring out the lustre that was till now lacking in your tresses.

So, leftover fruits, vegetables can contribute to your healthy skin & hair. Next time you see something lying in your refrigerator unused, you know what to do?

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