Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick fixes for good health

Three simple steps will help you better your health. Here's what you should do:
Improve dull and dry skin
- Ensure adequate fluid intake in the day including a glass of fresh vegetable juice daily.
- Good quality protein intake is essential; along with five servings of fruits and vegetable daily.
- Take vitamin E, Omega-3 supplements. Alternate each once daily.

Reduce hair loss
- Good quality protein is most essential (soyabean for vegetarians/egg whites for non-vegetarians)
- Brewer's Yeast tablets help reduce hair fall.
- Biotin supplements help to strengthen hair follicles.

Increase energy and immunity levels
- Eat small frequent meals. Ideally eat every two hours.
- One shot of fresh wheat grass juice at least three to four times a week.
- Vitamin B12 supplementation - oral or via injections.

Improve cardio vascular health
- Walk for 45 to 60 minutes four to five times times a week.
- Eat one to two tsp of roasted flaxseeds daily, this helps increase good cholesterol (HDL).
- Include yoga one to three times a week to reduce stress induced damage.

Improve diabetes
- Take one to two tsp soaked methi (fenugreek) seeds in the morning.
- Have one teaspoon jamun powder at bedtime.
- Reduce excess fat to improve insulin resistance.

Reduce water retention
- Lower sodium intake and increase potassium intake.
- Flush body with ample fluids so that's body prevents cellular accumulations.
- Limit intake of caffeine, NSAID, and alcohol.

Improve metabolism
- Eat within the first hour of waking.
- Ensure adequate protein intake in the day your body uses more calories to digest them.
- Walk at least 40 minutes five times a week.

Reduce post menopausal discomfort
- Include a soya concentrate supplement which mimics estrogen function in the body.
- Include vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) supplement as it helps prevent bloating.
- Evening Primrosa helps alleviate menopausal discomfort.

Overcome constipation
- Drink eight to 12 glasses of water daily. Reduce caffeine consumption.
- Walk minimum three to four times a week for about 45 to 60 minutes.
- Drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice daily with minimum three vegetables in it and 100 per cent roughage retained.

Reduce discomfort due to gas or flatulence
- Eat within the first half an hour of waking up.
- Eat fresh ginger (grated + lime juice) with main meals.
- Take ¼ tsp ajwain + ¼ tsp jeera seeds+ ¼ tsp methi seeds with water at bedtime.

Combat pollution
- Eat two to three servings of fresh fruits and three to four servings of vegetables daily.
- Take an antioxidant tablet once daily.
- Have two to three cups of green tea daily.

Get rid of acidity
- Eat a fruit within the first hour of rising. Don't start your day with tea or coffee.
- Eat every two hours whether hungry or not.
- Avoid papad, pickles, fermented foods like idli/dosa as much as possible.

Fight insomnia
- Don't starve at dinner time. Eat a healthy light dinner daily.
- If dinner is eaten early, then eat a small snack two hours later as well.
- A warm cup of milk induces serotonin release which helps you calm down and induce sleep.

Alleviate cramps
- Include high potassium fruits like banana, plum, peaches, musk melon in your daily diet.
- Ensure adequate hydration in the day, as even mild dehydration can increase muscular cramping.
- Don't avoid carbs. Inadequate carbohydrate intake is also implicated strongly in muscle cramps.

Reduce frequency of headaches
- Eat every two hours so as to prevent low sugar levels induced headaches.
- Reduce caffeine, MSG, chocolate and wine consumption.
- Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily.

Reduce oral ulcers
- Increase folic acid consumption by having green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes and fruits; or oral supplementation.
- Low levels of vitamin B12 could also trigger ulcers, so take supplements if vegetarian.
- Include one to two cups of yogurt daily, the healthy bacteria help to reduce blisters.

Avoid dizzy spells
- Increase sodium intake - add dash of rock salt to curds, salads or chaas.
- Increase electrolyte and water intake if excessive perspiration loss has occurred.
- Eat sweet fruits like banana, chickoo, pineapple to boost sugar levels in case of hypoglycemia induced dizziness.(Inputs by Nutritionist Pooja Makhija)

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