Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make your skin glow

Here are some tips for your skin.
- Boil cabbage in water. Strain it & use the water to wash your face to make your skin look radiant.

- Coconut milk is excellent for skin care, in winter. Take half a cup of coconut milk. Use half of it to apply it over the face & body. Mix the rest with red sandalwood powder, apply the paste on the face. It may even be applied all over the body. It exfoliates your skin.

- Mix yoghurt with cucumber water. Apply on your face & wash it off.

- Here's a way to refresh worn out skin: Mix teaspoon vinegar with teaspoon rosewater. Apply on skin & leave for ten minutes. Wash it off with ordinary water.

- Is your skin looking dull & lifeless? Mix coconut water & thick pineapple juice. Add multani mitti & apply it over your face & body. Do not scrub vigorously; wash it off with ice cubes or chilled water.

- Mix teaspoon honey with teaspoon tomato juice. Leave it on the face or body for ten minutes & wash it off with ordinary water.

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