Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair is the main part of our body.  Hair plays an important role in the appearance of men and woman. Diet and lifestyle are two important factors that influence the health of hair. Poor diet, illness and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, proteins in particular, affects the quality of hair .Hair is a reflection of individual"s internal health. In most cases, hair loss or changes in hair texture may reflect some underlying conditions as hypothyroidism, anemia, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies. The hairloss, gray hair, dandruff are common problems .

 Just simple home care will help you to get back your beautiful hair. Using natural products have no side effects. So try these at home.
Take a hot oil massage at least once a week and wash with shikakai or mild shampoo or amla .
Apply apple cider vinegar mixed with water and wash your hair  for shiny hair.
Be  careful if you have  dandruff. Dandruff is the biggest problem with hair loss.
Drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins in your body.
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits for healthy hair .
Make a paste of greek hay seed and water. Apply on the scalp and leave for half an hour before washing off. 
Juice of fresh coriander can be massaged into the scalp, to reduce hair loss.
Juice of fresh Amaranth leaves should be applied to the hair. It will help hair growth and gives good texture.
Do not comb when hair is wet as this can cause hair loss.
Do not take  bath in very hot water because they spoil the hair roots.
After consulting with your doctor  take vitamins and folic acid supplements. This will help hair growth.
If you have oily hair wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo.
Do not apply shampoo directly on the hair, always mix with water and apply.
Never apply conditioner to the hair roots, which can worsen hair loss.
Avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, snuff and meat.

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