Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot yoga, a rage among fitness freaks

Hot yoga, that refers to yoga practiced in an exceedingly heated surroundings, is gaining popularity.

The room temperature throughout 'hot yoga' sessions usually reaches until ninety to one hundred and five degrees. The speculation behind it's that hot yoga helps the body to sweat out toxins whereas permitting the practitioner to securely achieve deeper poses.

While it offers health advantages and a way of well-being, individuals practicing hot yoga, particularly beginners, ought to take bound precautions, in keeping with Diana Zotos, a licensed yoga instructor and physical therapist within the Rehabilitation Department at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

"Yoga of any sort is physically difficult, and also the heated surroundings of hot yoga makes the apply particularly demanding,"

"The heat makes individuals feel as if they will stretch deeper into poses and might offer them a false sense of flexibility. This may result in muscle strains or injury to the joint, together with ligaments and cartilage."

Individuals over forty who haven't done Bikram yoga could also be at bigger risk of injury, and he or she counseled they familiarize themselves with it before attempting a category.

"There are several books and videos that describe this vogue and might demonstrate the poses and techniques."

"Since categories are created of a similar twenty six poses, individuals will become accustomed to them beforehand."

Beginners should keep in mind that poses would force an explicit level of leg, core and higher body strength,and balance.

"The heat issue additionally puts additional strain on the guts and challenges endurance. That being said, individuals ought to be of fine cardiovascular health; have healthy hip, knee, spine or joints; should not have balance or neurological issues; and should have a general tolerance for excessive heat.

Anyone who has hypertension, low blood pressure or heart disease sit down with their cardiologist before attempting hot yoga.

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