Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drink water for good health

Regular intake of water is crucial for maintaining health

Most folks understand that up to seventy per cent of the whole body weight is water. Though it's gift in all elements of the body, it's a lot of gift in organs like lungs and brain and fluids like blood, lymph, saliva and secretions by the organs of the digestive system. The common belief is that we tend to feel thirsty solely when our body desires water. Whereas this is often true, recent analysis studies have indicated that there are many alternative indicators of inadequate water in some or all elements of the body. Ignoring these indicators will result in many major diseases. Most folks pay plenty of our operating hours in air-conditioned atmosphere therefore naturally we do not feel thirsty however that doesn't mean that our body doesn't want water. Lack of water will result in fatigue too. So, for your glowing health, drink enough water.

Water helps to maintain the moisture of the linings of the inner organs of the body. It maintains traditional volume and consistency of fluids like blood and lymph. It regulates body temperature.

It removes 'toxins' from the body
Water is crucial for regulating the traditional structure and functions of the skin. The body loses four liters of water on a daily basis. It is, therefore, necessary to replenish this volume by drinking a minimum of the equivalent quantity of water on a daily basis. Inadequate intake of water will result in dehydration.

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