Monday, September 19, 2011

A 5-min face cream that beats botox

The latest weapon for women promising to fight wrinkles is a face serum that claims to achieve smoother skin in minutes with just a few gentle dabs.
The team behind the Freezeframe serum say it is the most powerful wrinkle-busting treatment yet, the Daily Mail reported.
The 49 pounds product, which goes on sale in Boots from next week, already has more than 14,000 women believers, putting their name down on a waiting list.
Its creators say the treatment uses muscle-relaxing ingredients to make wrinkles vanish in as little as five minutes.
The serum contains a protein called 'Snap-8', which stops nerve cells producing chemicals that signal muscles to contract.
This minimises movement and reduces wrinkles, according to Australian developers SelfCare Corporation and Skin Labs.
The product also relies on a new ingredient, Inhibox, which apparently contains amino acids to repair ageing skin cells, leaving a tightening feeling as it takes effect.
The creators claim the combination is 30 per cent more effective at smoothing skin than another ingredient, Argireline, used in previous 'Botox in a bottle' treatments.
Sonia Amoroso, who developed the product, said: "Freezeframe really is one of our biggest successes. Customers just cannot get enough of it."

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